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ICE has launched a billboard campaign targeting immigrants

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Immigration

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has launched six billboards across Pennsylvania with mugshot photos and “warnings” about immigrants who were released from police custody. ICE claims that the billboards were launched to educate the public about potentially dangerous individuals. However, some believe that the billboards are meant to target sanctuary cities who don’t hand over these immigrants to ICE.

Multiple states across the United States are home to “sanctuary cities” where immigrants are often protected from ICE. The six individuals on these billboards committed crimes and served their jail sentences before they were released back into their communities. However, ICE wanted law enforcement to hand over these individuals so that they could be deported back to their countries of origin.

An ICE official claimed that sanctuary cities pose a threat to United States citizens by allowing criminals to remain in the country instead of being deported. He claimed that ICE is committed to enforcing immigration laws. However, a former ICE agent who resigned in 2018 claimed that the billboards are mostly motivated by politics.

Any immigrant who’s been charged with a crime might wish to hire a criminal defense lawyer. If they live in a sanctuary city, they might be subjected to fines and jail time but won’t necessarily be deported.

How can an immigrant find legal assistance after being charged with a crime?

Criminal charges in the United States can range from traffic violations, DUIs, drug possessions, fraud, sexual assault, reckless driving and much more. An immigrant who’s facing criminal charges might wish to hire an attorney immediately.

An attorney might be able to help them navigate the complicated legal process and avoid deportation. Additionally, an attorney might be able to help them protect their rights as an immigrant and make sure that the prosecution has acted lawfully.