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Reasons for divorce in second and later marriages

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2020 | Divorce

When people in Pennsylvania marry for a second or third time, they might assume that the relationship is more likely to be successful than previous ones because of what they have learned after one or more divorces. However, statistics show that second marriages are more likely to end in divorce than first ones, and third marriages have an even higher probability of failure. There are several reasons that this may be the case.

Common issues

Some people rush into another marriage after divorce because they are lonely. They might not take time to get to know the other person. They might also not be ready for another intimate relationship. A divorce can be devastating, and people may bring baggage from a previous marriage into a new one without realizing that they are doing it. Some of these marriages may end for the common reason that first marriages do: money issues.

Family from previous marriages

People who have been married before might have personal situations that make a subsequent marriage more stressful. For example, there may be stepchildren, an ex-spouse and former in-laws to deal with. At the same time, the remarried couple might have no children of their own. While having children can be stressful, they can also provide some couples a reason to stay together, and this may not exist in later marriages.

In a divorce, there might be different issues to deal with compared to the first marriage. Some couples, wary of going through another divorce and arguing over property, might have signed a prenuptial agreement. As long as the agreement is valid and is not challenged later, this could mean that the process of property division is fairly efficient. If there is not a prenuptial agreement, the couple may need the help of lawyers to negotiate an agreement for dividing marital property or to go to court.