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Debunking common police interaction myths

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Uncategorized

Pennsylvania residents may have heard many different myths about criminal law and what happens when a person gets arrested. Unfortunately, many people have negative interactions with the police simply because they believe these myths. It’s vital that you understand your rights in regards to being arrested and speaking to the police.

You must be read your rights

As a criminal defense lawyer may explain, the police only have to read you your rights if they’re arresting you. If they’re simply asking you questions, they do not have to read you your Miranda rights. Unfortunately, many people believe that if they’re not read their rights, their case can be thrown out in a court of law. This isn’t true unless the person is arrested and not read their rights.

You must talk to the police

In most cases, you can decline to answer any questions posed to you by the police. There are a couple of exemptions that you should be aware of. Certain states have a law known as the Stop and Identify law. This allows an officer who has a suspicion that you committed a crime to ask you for identification. In these states, you are required to provide the police with your name and address. In addition, most states make you sign a waiver stating that you’ll provide any officer who pulls you over with your driver’s license and proof of insurance.

It’s your duty as a citizen to understand what your various rights are in regards to speaking to the police and being arrested. The above are just some of the most common myths that people believe about police interactions. You don’t want to fall victim to these misconceptions if you end up in a police interaction.