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Is split custody right for your family?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Child Custody

Pennsylvania couples who are getting ready to go through a divorce are likely concerned about the custody arrangement for their children. There many different types of custody arrangements that you and your spouse can agree to. One of the most commonly sought is the 50/50 or split child custody arrangement.

What is a split child custody arrangement?

Custody and parenting time can be split evenly down the middle, where the child spends half of their time with one parent and half of their time with the other parent. A family court typically uses the number of nights that a child spends with a parent to determine the percentage of custody that the parent has of the child. With this type of child custody arrangement, both parents also get to share in the major decisions of the child’s life. These include things like the school said they go to, the religion that they practice and even the types of sports that they engage in at school.

Is 50/50 child custody right for your family?

While 50/50 child custody may seem good on paper, it can be difficult to put into practice in real life. Most parents who share split custody of their child tend to live within the same geographical area. This helps to make the logistics of this type of child custody arrangement feasible for both the children and the parents. Many will opt for either switching child custody every week or doing a 3-2-2 timetable.

One of the essential parts of your divorce is to determine your child custody schedule. While there are many different options out there, many parents want to endure a 50/50 or split child custody agreement. However, it’s important for parents to take into consideration their individual circumstances before agreeing on this type of custody schedule.