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Don’t let DUI ruin St. Patrick’s Day fun

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Driving Offenses

In Pennsylvania and across the country, many people are getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Even in the workplace, this holiday often sparks festivities, from dressing in green from head-to-toe to decorations of shamrocks, pots of gold and lots of green glitter. After work, it is not uncommon for friends to gather in a local Irish pub or host a party where everything from green finger foods to alcoholic beverages are served. Imbibing in the latter, however, could wind up landing a partygoer in jail for suspected DUI if he or she drives home.  

Pennsylvania laws are similar to numerous other states regarding blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels. If a driver’s BAC registers at .08 or higher, he or she is legally prohibited from operating a motor vehicle. To stay safe and avoid a DUI arrest after a St. Patrick’s Day party, it’s good to keep a few things in mind.  

How a person feels does not always coincide with BAC 

Of course, quite a few drivers have been in a motor vehicle accident only to be charged with drunk driving as a result. Many a driver has later said that he or she “felt perfectly fine” and didn’t think driving would be a problem. The only way to know exactly what one’s BAC level is at any given moment is to take a blood, breath, urine or saliva test.  

Alcohol affects everyone differently 

A person’s BAC might be within legal limits for driving, yet he or she could still show signs of impairment. If a police officer administers a field sobriety test, and the person taking the test fails, it constitutes probable cause for making a DUI arrest. If St. Patrick’s Day fun is brought to a screeching halt by being taken into police custody for suspected drunk driving, it’s best to speak with a criminal defense attorney before making any statement to police.