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3 issues that often lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Divorce

When a Pennsylvania couple gets married, they typically assume that they will be together for a lifetime. Even after years of marriage, however, spouses often determine that their relationship has hit an insurmountable. While each divorce proceeding is unique, several factors are often cited as issues that prompted one or the other spouse’s decision to end a marriage.

A former couple in Pennsylvania recently gave an interview regarding their past life as a married couple, their journey into parenthood and their reasons for getting divorced. Many people can relate to their situation. The couple’s split occurred after they had been married for years and their daughter had reached her 12th birthday.

Issues that often prompt divorce

The following list shows three distinct issues that are often problematic in marriages that end in divorce, which the two people featured in the interview stated were matters of concern in their own experience:

  • Strong physical attraction at the start without much substance
  • One spouse makes his or her desires and needs a priority
  • Lack of desire to fight to save the relationship

The former couple who spoke about their journey to divorce said they had a lot of fun when they first met and were drawn together by a strong physical attraction but were never really “on the same page” in life. The former husband also admitted that his participation in a rock-and-roll band took priority over his wife’s needs during marriage, and at some point, he grew tired of trying to resolve the problems in their relationship.

Helping children cope with divorce

The mother in this case said she was worried about informing her daughter that she and her then husband were filing for divorce. However, after her daughter shed some tears, she was able to move forward in a healthy, productive manner. Any Pennsylvania parent who is concerned about child-related issues in a divorce may seek additional support to help resolve the legal issues.