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Does your teen need criminal defense support?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2022 | Uncategorized

In a perfect world, all Pennsylvania parents would raise their children in a loving environment, teach them right from wrong and provide for their needs. Their kids would then grow up to become productive citizens with successful and happy lifestyles. In reality, the way a particular child’s life unfolds is often far from what his or her parents had hoped for or had in mind. In fact, some kids wind up needing criminal defense support before they reach age 18.

If you get a call saying your teenage son or daughter has been taken into police custody, you might feel like the ground has been yanked out from beneath your feet. You would no doubt want to provide support to your child, however, to help him or her navigate the juvenile justice system. The more you learn ahead of time about what to expect when a minor is facing criminal charges, the better-able you’ll be to help your child mitigate his or her circumstances.

The juvenile justice system focuses on rehabilitation

In Pennsylvania, the criminal justice system for juveniles focuses on helping teens undergo rehabilitation rather than merely punishing them for crimes they have committed. This doesn’t mean, however, that your son or daughter will have an easy time if a judge convicts him or her of a crime. It does mean that for issues regarding drug crimes, underage drinking, shoplifting, etc., an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney can seek alternative sentencing, including admittance into diversion programs, to minimize long-term negative repercussions and maximize your child’s chances for achieving success in the future.

Scheduling a consultation is a first step toward providing defense support

If Pennsylvania police officers arrested your child, your family may have some stressful weeks or months ahead. You might feel disappointed, angry or even betrayed when considering the circumstances. However, the sooner you take steps to provide defense support for your child, the likelier he or she may be able to achieve a positive outcome in court. Leeth & Gaglione are a legal team who are well-versed in juvenile justice system, and you may request a meeting by filling out the contact form located online.