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Key child custody topics to address in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Child Custody

When a Pennsylvania parent decides to file for a divorce, he or she must achieve an agreement with the other parent regarding future care and financial provisions for the children they have together. Kids are typically adaptable by nature, which means that many children are able to cope with their parents’ divorce in a healthy manner, especially when both parents are willing to cooperate regarding child-related issues. It is helpful to address several key factors when devising a child custody agreement.  

While it is possible for a set of parents to go online and print out a basic child custody form, it is always best to seek legal guidance before formally submitting an agreement to the court for approval. A family law attorney who is representing a parent in a child custody case knows how to protect parental rights while ensuring that children’s best interests are a central focus of all proceedings. An experienced attorney can also review a proposed child custody agreement and make recommendations to a client, especially if a key factor has been overlooked.  

Parents may incorporate dating stipulations into a child custody agreement 

An issue that parents might overlook when drafting a co-parenting agreement is “future romantic relationships.” For instance, if it is important to a parent that he or she meets the new partner of the other parent before the kids do, then this stipulation can be added to the child custody agreement. Placing such issues in writing, and having both parents sign in agreement, may help reduce the chances for dispute down the line.  

Transportation and other often-overlooked issues 

Many Pennsylvania parents focus their attention on major issues, such as physical and legal child custody or child support in a divorce, while overlooking other issues that can have a tremendous impact on a family in a divorce. Such issues include transportation; who is allowed to pick up or drop off kids at school, for instance? Additional issues might include discipline rules, faith issues or extra-curricular activities. A concerned parent will want to make sure that proposed terms of agreement are fair and have children’s best interests in mind before signing any documents.