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Police seize alleged drugs from a Pennsylvania home

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Drug Charges

Pennsylvania police recently paid a visit to a home in Millcreek. Investigators say they had been receiving information regarding possible illegal drug activity at the home in question since the beginning of this year. They also say they kept surveillance on the property before securing a warrant recently to search the home. The search resulted in confiscation of substances that police believe are illegal drugs.

Police say that one of the substances they seized was purple in color. They believe it is fentanyl, a synthetic drug that is known to have similar effects to heroin or morphine, though stronger. Investigators also claim to have seized several pounds of cocaine, marijuana and numerous other drugs from the residence.

2 people taken into police custody

In connection with the search of the home, two people were arrested and charged with drug crimes. A man and a woman, both age 27, are currently being held in a county jail. Police say that the substances they took from the home are being sent to a laboratory for testing.

An arrest does not constitute a conviction

When Pennsylvania police arrest more than one person in connection with the same incident, the charges each person faces will be decided separately if the case goes to court. It is possible that one individual may have a more favorable outcome than another, or that the charges are dismissed before or even after trial. Those who secure experienced criminal defense support soon after their arrest typically have the greatest chance of being able to achieve positive results in court.