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Divorce can disrupt a child’s new school year

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Divorce

For many Pennsylvania parents, this year’s summer break included family meetings that were held to inform children that their parents have decided to separate, on their way to filing for a divorce. Depending on the ages and maturity levels of the children in question, each child might react to such news in a unique way. Some children might feel worried and anxious about going to back to school as they learn to cope with their parents’ divorce.

While separated or after a divorce has been finalized, co-parents must learn to work together to help their children maintain a sense of normalcy and routine during a new school year following a break-up. There are several helpful tips to keep in mind; first and foremost, it is important for a parent to know where to seek additional support if divorce-related issues are causing problems for a child in school.

Talk to teachers, coaches and others before the school year begins

It is helpful to children if parents who have separated or filed for divorce over summer break inform the children’s coaches, teachers, guidance counselors and school administrators about the changes that have occurred. If a teacher or other school official notices signs that a child is having trouble coping, a parent can be contacted to discuss the issue. School officials should also know whether there are specific terms in a child custody order that might be relevant to school time, such as who is (or is not) allowed to pick up and drop off kids at school.

What to do if a co-parent is disregarding a court order

If a Pennsylvania parent refuses to adhere to a child custody order, the other parent may immediately bring the matter to the court’s attention. Children are naturally resilient and are typically able to cope with divorce and move on in life in a healthy, productive manner. However, if a parent is disregarding a court order, it can cause stress for everyone involved, including the kids, which is why the state has a system in place to help a concerned mother or father resolve such issues.