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Repeat DUI offenses can influence the court

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2022 | Driving Offenses

If a Pennsylvania motorist is pulled over, then arrested for suspected drunk driving, it activates a series of legal proceedings. There is no way to predict what the ultimate outcome of a specific charge is going to be. However, certain issues can definitely have a negative impact on a defendant’s DUI case.  

One of the issues that can influence the court’s sentencing decision in a drunk driving case is whether the defendant has prior convictions. More than a year ago, for instance, a former assistant coach for the Kansas City Chiefs was involved in a motor vehicle collision that resulted in life-threatening injuries to a minor. Thankfully, the child survived and, since then, has returned to school, although her mother says the implications of her injuries are still very much apparent.  

The driver was charged with drunk driving 

DUI charges were filed against the former coach, who has since pleaded guilty, in order to secure a lighter sentence because of a plea bargain. He pleaded guilty to intoxicated driving in 2008, a fact that could affect sentencing in his active case, which is scheduled for October. His attorney told reporters that his client has accepted responsibility for his actions.  

Always explore defense options and seek support as needed 

Facing DUI charges in Pennsylvania or another state is often a life-changing event, regardless of whether a defendant incurs a conviction. Everyone is entitled to seek defense counsel before heading to court. In fact, experienced legal representation is usually a key factor in obtaining as positive an outcome as possible.