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Man facing theft charges of tractor

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2022 | Firm News

A Pennsylvania man will soon have a hearing in criminal court after his recent arrest. Police reportedly met the man after noticing a red farm tractor in his driveway. Investigators say a similar farm tractor had been reported stolen from a barn approximately a mile away from the man’s house. He is now facing theft charges, as well as criminal trespassing and other charges.

The police claim that the man admitted to taking the tractor from a neighbor’s farm. They also stated that the man told them that he was just using it to do some work on his property. Charges were filed against the man because the neighbors said that he did not have their permission to take the tractor.

A criminal court judge considers each case based on presented evidence

The accused man apparently spent time in jail in 2018 after a theft and burglary conviction. Nevertheless, he is presumed innocent of any current charges unless and until prosecutors can prove the allegations by relevant evidence found to be beyond a reasonable doubt. A history of convictions does not have any bearing on determining guilt in a different case, though the court may consider it at sentencing if a conviction is obtained.

For instance, if a motorist has several past convictions for drunk driving and is later convicted for a similar crime, the prior convictions may have bearing on sentencing in the new case. In any case, it is best to seek experienced legal support before heading to court to face charges. Relying on experienced criminal defense support is the best way a defendant can protect his or her rights and work to achieve the most positive outcome possible.