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Pennsylvania worker resigns due to legal problems

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Driving Offenses

A 67-year-old man who was employed at PennDOT resigned from his job after legal problems arose last April. The man had worked as a driver’s license instructor assistant. He is now facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania, which include more than 30 counts of misdemeanor crimes, as well as multiple felony charges.

The man’s legal problems began when members of the Risk Management department flagged numerous driver’s license applications and permit tests that had passed through his station. Investigators suspected the man of fraud. They claim that people who took permit tests on his watch showed irregular test patterns, and many of them also submitted incomplete applications.

Defendant is accused of fraud and theft

The former PennDOT worker has been charged with numerous crimes, including theft by deception, bribery and tampering with public records. Investigators have alleged that the worker took advantage of Spanish-speaking immigrants who were having trouble passing the knowledge test for their driver’s permit. He is accused of offering to fix their tests for payments ranging from $25 to several hundred dollars.

Investigators also say that the worker processed the immigrants’ applications without all the necessary documentation, although every applicant had a proper legal status. The man was taken into custody and released from jail on unsecured bail. He is now preparing for a preliminary hearing. It is during the interim between arrest and a court hearing that most defendants take time to consult with an experienced criminal law attorney for guidance and support. Doing so is often a key factor in obtaining a positive outcome in court.