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Airport incident results in criminal charges

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

A man who recently visited a Pennsylvania airport is now in jail, awaiting a hearing in criminal court. He is accused of attempting to load an explosive onto an airplane that was heading to another state. Investigators say a preliminary security check on the man’s luggage flagged it as suspicious, prompting a search of his baggage. 

Airport representatives reportedly paged the man over the intercom system after a search allegedly revealed several devices in his baggage that police say are consistent with commercial-grade explosives. After the intercom page was sent out, a witness reported seeing the man leaving the airport. Investigators tracked him to a certain location where FBI agents later took him into custody. 

Defendant will attend hearing by video 

The man is now facing criminal charges for attempting to plant an explosive on an aircraft headed from Pennsylvania to Florida. He was scheduled to attend a hearing via video. As with anyone accused of a crime, the accused man will have an opportunity to contest the formal accusations and present a defense. 

Seeking support when facing criminal charges 

Most people facing criminal charges request legal support before heading to court. Having an experienced attorney by one’s side can have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome of a case, particularly in federal court. An attorney can challenge evidence or request a case dismissal if the evidence suggests the rights of the accused were violated at any stage of the proceedings. If a case goes to trial and a conviction is handed down, an experienced criminal defense attorney can try to convince the judge to issue a less severe sentence than that which is allowed by law.