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Pennsylvania police accuse Pittsburgh man of drug crimes

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | Drug Charges

A man living in Beaver Falls was paid an early morning visit by police on a recent Monday. The visit did not go well for the homeowner, who wound up being taken into custody. He will now face numerous charges in a Pennsylvania court for alleged drug crimes.  

Police say they executed search warrants when they arrived at the man’s Pittsburgh home. The officers were part of a drug task force that had been monitoring the man’s activities for some time. Police also say that, in addition to the house, the search warrants gave them the authority to search two vehicles that were on the premises as well.  

Charges include unlawful possession of firearms, plus several drug crimes 

The defendant has a prior criminal record that includes a felony conviction. An individual who has been convicted of a felony crime is not allowed to possess a firearm. The police who searched the man’s home and vehicles claim to have confiscated two guns, one of which was reported as stolen. Investigators also seized substances that they believe are cocaine, suboxone, fentanyl and other illegal drugs.  

Defense options available for those facing charges for drug crimes  

When Pennsylvania police arrest someone for suspected drug crimes, the defendant must be granted an opportunity to seek legal counsel. An experienced criminal law attorney can review a case and recommend which type of defense strategy may produce the best outcome in court. An attorney can also challenge evidence or request a case dismissal if a personal rights violation has occurred in connection with an investigation or arrest.