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Co-parenting tips for special occasions

On Behalf of | May 29, 2024 | Child Custody

Special occasions should be a time of joy and celebration. However, for children who have experienced a contentious divorce, these events can sometimes bring stress and conflict.

Co-parenting can easily feel like navigating a minefield. This task can be even more challenging during special occasions that bring everyone together, like Christmas, birthdays or graduation. Here are some practical tips to help co-parents manage these important days.

Start planning early

The earlier you start discussing upcoming special occasions, the better. This gives you and your former spouse ample time to adjust plans, coordinate with extended family members and address any potential conflicts before they become issues. Talk about who gets what responsibility, and try to agree on specific details like timing, location and activities. Early planning shows mutual respect for each other’s schedules and priorities.

Create a shared calendar

A shared calendar can be an excellent tool for updating both parents about upcoming events and arrangements. This simple step can prevent double bookings and last-minute scrambles.

Be flexible when possible

When it comes to child custody arrangements, flexibility is your biggest ally, especially during special occasions. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things will not align with your plans. Being willing to compromise can make all the difference between a day full of tension and one full of joy. Remember, special occasions create lifelong memories for your children.

Keep the focus on your child

Always prioritize your child’s needs and feelings. Try to keep personal feelings toward your former partner separate from decisions affecting your children. This is not about where they spend Thanksgiving dinner; it is about how they feel throughout the entire holiday season.

As a co-parent, it is your responsibility to foster a stress-free environment for your children during these important moments. Children are sensitive to the emotions of their parents, and your positivity can influence their well-being and enjoyment of the event.