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Criminal defense support for juveniles

On Behalf of | May 10, 2024 | Uncategorized

Many Pennsylvania parents and guardians are struggling to help teens who have gotten into trouble with the law. Whether it is underage drinking, drug possession, theft or some other issue, when a young person faces legal problems, it upsets the whole household. Parents can take comfort in knowing that there is criminal defense support available for juveniles.  

One of the first things an experienced juvenile defense attorney can do is to advocate for a minor client to ensure the case is adjudicated in juvenile court, rather than adult criminal court. Issues like vandalism, experimenting with drugs or alcohol and violent crimes are often indicative of underlying problems in a teenager’s life. In addition to defense support, an attorney can guide parents toward other resources that may be able to help.  

Criminal defense support helps protect a juvenile’s rights 

Just because someone is under 18 does not mean he or she is without rights. Every accused individual, including minors, is protected against unlawful actions such as illegal searches or seizures or interrogation without access to legal representation. Parents cannot help their children make informed decisions if they do not know their children’s rights or how to defend them in court. This is why it is helpful to seek legal counsel as soon as an arrest has taken place. 

Leeth & Gaglione is a law firm that serves the northeastern regions of Pennsylvania. When you schedule a consultation, you gain access to more than 40 years of combined criminal trial experience, including juvenile defense. The central focus of juvenile justice is rehabilitation rather than punishment. A concerned parent can rest assured that the right attorney will be a strong advocate for a minor facing criminal charges in this state.