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You Have Options After A DUI/DWI Charge

A conviction for driving under the influence can land you in jail, leave you without a driver’s license and cost you several thousand dollars in court fines and DUI-related expenses such as home monitoring or ignition interlock fees. It can also hurt your employment prospects, make it difficult to afford insurance and negatively affect you in other significant ways.

While it’s important to be aware of these potential consequences if you’ve recently been arrested on DUI charges, the most important thing to recognize right now is that you still have constitutional rights and legal options that can lead to a better outcome.

At the law offices of Leeth and Gaglione, we aggressively defend the rights of people facing DUI/DWI charges in Monroe County and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are able to achieve better outcomes (including dismissals and acquittals) for many of our clients because we know the laws, the court systems here and how to use that knowledge to our clients’ advantage in different circumstances.

This comes from experience and there is no substitute for it. Our criminal defense lawyers are former prosecutors who understand criminal cases from both perspectives and can provide you with benefits that come with more than 40 years of courtroom experience in thousands of prior cases.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Do juvenile DUI cases involve the same penalties and process as DUI cases involving adults?

Is it still possible to beat the charges if I admitted to “having a few” and then tested over the legal limit?

Is the ARD program (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) an option for me?

How soon can I get my driving privileges back?

We understand that facing any type of criminal charge is an intimidating experience for most people. We also understand that as long as clients have unanswered questions, it will be hard for them to envision anything but worst-case scenarios, which in turn makes it even more difficult for them to make rational decisions regarding their cases.

We work hard to combat this by helping clients understand the laws and legal issues involved in their cases, their legal rights and DUI defense options, and the entire process itself.

Serving The Poconos And Northeastern Pennsylvania

In addition to handling the criminal side of drunk driving cases, we also handle DUI refusal cases and represent clients in PennDOT license suspension hearings and appeals. Call our Stroudsburg law offices at 570-559-5721 to make arrangements for a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys or contact us online.

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