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Child Custody Attorneys In Monroe County

Whenever a divorce involves minor children, it is extremely important for both parents to put aside personal differences and work together for the children’s benefit. Unfortunately, the emotional nature of this issue can make that very difficult to do without help.

At Leeth and Gaglione, we protect our clients’ rights to have an active, meaningful role in the lives of their children. We also recognize the need to achieve solutions that serve the best interests of the children affected.

Because litigating a child custody dispute can inflict enormous damage on young children and may also be very expensive and time-consuming, we strive to accomplish these goals through the negotiation process whenever possible. If negotiation and mediation fail to produce an acceptable result, however, we will be absolutely prepared to strenuously assert your rights and protect your interests at trial.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

“What do the terms legal custody and physical custody actually mean?”

Legal custody of minor children is usually shared in Pennsylvania regardless of how much time either parent will spend with the children after a divorce. In essence, legal custody gives each parent the right to be involved in decisions regarding the children’s health care, education, religious instruction and general welfare.

Physical custody can be given solely to one parent but is also typically shared. In most cases (even if one parent is designated as the “primary custodial parent”), the time split will generally lie somewhere between 40 percent and 60 percent for each parent. A parent with physical custody on a given day has the right to make independent decisions about how that time is spent and other “ordinary” daily issues.

“I was awarded primary physical custody of our two children but just received a great new job offer in another state. What do I have to do to relocate with my kids?”

Even though the law may make it difficult to achieve certain goals such as relocation after divorce — it may be possible to achieve the result you want by using the negotiation process first rather than heading straight to court. In any case of this type, the sooner you speak to an attorney about this the better.

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For answers to other questions about your child custody rights or how we can help you achieve a specific goal, call our law offices in Stroudsburg at 570-559-5721 or contact us by email to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced child custody lawyer.

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