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Monroe County Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is a difficult experience even under the best of circumstances. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for both divorcing spouses and even divorce attorneys to make matters worse.

At the law offices of Leeth and Gaglione in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, we work hard to help clients successfully navigate the divorce process while minimizing the damaging impact that divorce can have on children, personal finances and hoped-for futures. Our practice here can be generally divided into two types of cases:

  • Uncontested divorce cases (also referred to as no-fault divorces), which can be resolved as soon as 90 days after you file provided both you and your spouse have no significant differences on the major issues involved
  • Complex divorce cases, which may involve extensive marital assets, business interests, substantial incomes or major differences of opinion on basic issues such as child custody or support

Whether your divorce is likely to be simple or very difficult, a certain amount of pre-divorce planning is a good idea. Our attorneys will take the time to explain the different legal rights and issues involved, address any questions or concerns you have and help you evaluate your options for moving forward toward specific goals. Once the case is filed and throughout the process, we’ll continue to keep you fully informed and be here to answer any new questions or concerns that arise while the case is still progressing.

Serving The Poconos And Northeastern Pennsylvania

We offer a free, confidential initial divorce consultation that will allow you to explore your options while giving you the benefit of an experienced yet objective perspective on the situation. In other words, there’s no risk and nothing to lose by reaching out.

Call us at 570-559-5721 or contact our firm online to make arrangements for that initial meeting with one of our divorce lawyers today.

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