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Protecting The Rights Of Immigrants

The U.S. immigration laws are complex. Are you trying to adjust your immigration status? Do you want to bring family members over to join you in the United States? Are you facing criminal charges or immigration violations that could result in deportation?

The law firm of Leeth and Gaglione can help with all immigration matters and related legal issues. Our lawyers can defend immigrants in criminal courts of Pennsylvania as well as immigration proceedings. We will do everything we can to solve your legal problems and protect your rights.

Immigration Law In Northeast Pennsylvania

Our attorneys have 40 years of combined legal experience. We have represented many foreign nationals and U.S. citizens with immigration matters, including:

  • Family immigration – We can help you secure spouse or fiancée visas, visas for children, and visas for extended family to visit or establish residency in the U.S.
  • Immigration status – We can assist with petitions for adjustment of status from nonimmigrant to immigrant (green card), or help with compliance issues such as extensions or expired visas.
  • Waivers and asylum – We help people obtain immigration waivers, DACA extensions or refugee/asylum entry visas to come to the U.S. or to stay here.
  • Removal defense – We have defended visa holders and permanent residents (green card holders) facing deportation for criminal convictions or for immigration violations such as unlawful entry.
  • Citizenship – We help immigrants become naturalized citizens, including overcoming barriers such as past criminal convictions.

Our Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

Many immigrants are surprised to learn that certain misdemeanor crimes are considered deportable felonies under U.S. immigration law. A conviction for domestic violence, assault, theft, fraud, drunk driving or drug possession can lead to removal proceedings.

Our skilled defense lawyers are former prosecutors who can challenge the criminal charges and address the immigration consequences of a guilty plea or conviction at trial. We work to dismiss the charges or reduce the charges to an offense that will not trigger deportation. We are prepared to fight for you at trial if your immigration status is in jeopardy.

Get A Free Consultation With An Immigration Lawyer

Our attorneys are highly qualified to help, especially where criminal law intersects with U.S. immigration law. We serve many Spanish-speaking clients and welcome immigrants from any country.

Call our Stroudsburg office at 570-559-5721 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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