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Different types of visitation schedules

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | Child Custody

Going through a Pennsylvania divorce can be difficult enough, but if you are a parent, you have to work with your ex even more to ensure that the young children who you share receive love and attention from both of you and both you and your ex have a schedule that works for all involved. While there are many types of schedules that people use to take care of the children, most experts recommend that they’re put on a schedule that’s about 50/50 sharing of responsibilities.

Co-parenting schedules

While there are a lot of reasons that some people might choose to go with a schedule that gives the child to one parent for one week and the other parent for the next week, there are are a number of reasons why this type of co-parenting schedule doesn’t always work out the best. Some other options are to have a system where one parent takes the children for an extended weekend while the other parent gets the weekdays. Another option is a 2/3/2 schedule, and there are several other potential options that divorced people who share children can try.

Other co-parenting concerns

When you’re trying to set up a co-parenting plan, perhaps with the help of your family law attorney, you also need to determine other matters. For instance, you need to make sure that the schedule that you and your co-parent come up with doesn’t disrupt the child’s schedule. But you also need to think about how birthdays, holidays, and other special days that are only once per year are going to be handled. You might also have times that are out of the ordinary, such as vacations, that you’ll need to discuss with your former spouse on an ongoing basis. Finally, while scheduling out who has the children at what times is important, you also need to determine which parent is going to pay for certain items, including school fees for clubs and other activities.