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Are you worried about child custody problems?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2022 | Child Custody

Filing for divorce in Pennsylvania prompts many immediate and long-term changes, especially when children are involved. Parents want what is best for their kids, although they don’t always agree on what that means. There are several things to keep in mind to avoid child custody problems. In fact, implementing these ideas may help create a peaceful co-parenting environment.  

Treat a child custody relationship like a business  

If a pair of parents argues every time they see each other, it is not likely going to help their children cope with divorce. It is understandable that emotions may be all over the place after going through marital problems and negotiating a settlement. A parent who wants to avoid co-parenting stress as much as possible is wise to treat the new family dynamic like a business arrangement, acting calmly and professionally when interacting with a co-parent.  

A detailed plan in writing goes a long way to help avoid trouble 

What if one parent wants to spend a child’s birthday with him or her but the other parent is fighting about it? This type of dispute can be avoided by incorporating all birthdays, holidays and special events into a co-parenting agreement, which can be included in the divorce decree. That way, there is no question as to where the kids will be spending a particular celebration day.  

Keep tempers under control if problems arise 

It is stressful for children to hear one parent complain about the other. By agreeing ahead of time to always speak respectfully about each other in front of the children, co-parents set the tone for a peaceful shared custody relationship. If a specific issue cannot be resolved without outside support, a concerned parent may discuss it with an experienced family law attorney, who can then recommend a best course of action.