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Pennsylvania man suspected of arson and attempted murder

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Uncategorized

Pennsylvania state troopers were recently dispatched to a man’s home in Chester County. The house was on fire at the time. The officers later said they had to dive for cover shortly after they arrived because they heard gunshots.  

Police believe the homeowner was the one shooting at them. Another officer soon arrived on site and dislodged his rifle, shooting the man in his arm and leg. Medical treatment was administered, then the man was transported to a nearby hospital. He was also taken into police custody.  

Fire marshals allege that the homeowner started the fire on purpose 

The man is now facing charges for attempted murder of law enforcement officers. He is also charged with arson because fire marshals who investigated the incident at his home claim to have discovered evidence to show that the man intentionally set the fire. He is also facing aggravated assault charges.  

Every defendant is entitled to criminal defense support 

Any Pennsylvania resident who is taken into police custody may request a meeting with an criminal defense attorney. The alliance forged at such a meeting is often the key to achieving a positive outcome in court. An attorney can help a defendant explore all available options and strategies, then recommend which is best in his or her circumstances. If a personal rights violation took place during or following an arrest, an attorney may act on behalf of a defendant to request a dismissal or ask that certain evidence be ruled inadmissible in court.