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No need to face complex divorce issues alone

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Divorce

When a pair of Pennsylvania spouses decide to go their separate ways rather than remain in an unhappy marriage, they must resolve numerous issues to achieve a fair settlement, especially if they are parents. While most people want to finalize a settlement as fairly and swiftly as possible, proceedings might take more time if challenges arise. Complex divorce issues can take months to resolve, but having an experienced family law attorney on hand can help expedite proceedings.

Various issues can make for a complex divorce, such as if the spouses in question own a business together or have amassed great wealth during their marriage. If a set of parents disagrees about child custody or child support matters, it makes a divorce more complex than it might otherwise have been. Things can get quite challenging in court if one of the spouses is up to no good; for instance, if someone is trying to hide assets to gain the upper hand in property division proceedings.

Pennsylvania laws can help resolve complex divorce issues

Divorce laws exist to help spouses achieve fair settlements. For example, state law requires full disclosure regarding marital assets and liabilities. This is why hiding assets in a divorce is unlawful; it is a form of perjury. The average person may not be aware of the laws or procedural guidelines that can help resolve complex divorce issues, which is why it is a good idea to turn to an experienced family law attorney for support.

Explore your options before heading to court

Carefully reviewing Pennsylvania divorce laws and compiling a detailed list of your needs and goals are keys to success when navigating a complex divorce. Leeth & Gaglione provide strong legal support to clients in the Poconos and Northeastern regions of the state. You can schedule a free consultation by accessing the contact form located on our website for your convenience.