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Pennsylvania college kids who drink may risk a DUI

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2023 | Driving Offenses

A Pennsylvania State University study considered alcohol-related consequences for college students here and across the country. The results show an alarming number of repercussions typically associated with alcohol consumption and related incidents in college. For example, alcohol-related incidents can include passing out, missing classes, debilitating hangovers or missing work. Some students even wind up facing criminal charges for DUI.  

At risk for an alcohol substance abuse problem? 

Approximately 1,700 students participated in the PSU study. Many said that, as time went on, they felt a need to consume larger amounts of alcohol to feel the effects. Researchers say this is a key characteristic of students at risk for a substance abuse problem. The study also found that students who have parents who strongly disapprove of excessive alcohol consumption are far less likely to experience alcohol-related problems in college. The study also documented that students who have parents who approve of drinking in college are likely to drink more alcohol more often than their peers.  

Many college campuses offer support regarding DUI or alcohol addiction 

Some college students are hesitant to reach out for support when struggling to overcome alcohol addiction. School administrators or a guidance counselor can point a student toward resources that can help to overcome a substance abuse problem. This is especially true for those facing legal problems that are placing academic success at risk. 

Students facing DUI charges are entitled to secure criminal defense support before their cases are adjudicated. Even if they are not convicted, simply facing charges can negatively affect a college career. A student might have to miss classes, sports practices or other scheduled obligations to attend court hearings. It’s even possible to lose a scholarship or be suspended from school. Having experienced legal support on hand may help mitigate circumstances and help to achieve the most positive outcome possible, including getting an academic career back on track.