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A birdnesting plan might be a good child custody option

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2023 | Child Custody

Images of birds and nests are often used in connection with parenting. Take child custody, for example, where a trend known as “birdnesting” has recently gained popularity among parents who file for divorce. In fact, there are many parents in Pennsylvania who have tried or are considering a birdnesting child custody arrangement.

The plan works best when parents get along well and are committed to cooperating to keep their children’s best interests in the forefront as they navigate a divorce. Avoiding conflict and minimizing disruption in children’s daily lives are central focus points in a birdnesting custody plan. If parents can barely be in the same room without arguing, other custody options might be better.

Benefits of a birdnesting child custody arrangement

Some of the most common benefits that parents who implement a bird nest arrangement often experience are:

  • It helps children maintain a sense of normalcy, structure and routine in their daily life.
  • The house doesn’t need to be sold after the divorce.
  • Both parents can save money by sharing a common secondary residence.

 In a bird nesting arrangement, the kids continue living in the family’s marital home and parents take turns living with them.

Always have child custody support on hand

As parents take turns living with their kids after divorce, they can also share the expense of a secondary residence, like a studio apartment near the family home. This type of child custody promotes stability. However, even the best plan can sometimes hit a bump in the road, which is why it is important to know where to seek legal support if an issue arises that parents are unable to resolve on their own.