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Pennsylvania drug raid results in several arrests

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2024 | Drug Charges

Pennsylvania police say they had been conducting a drug investigation in the New Castle area before executing two search warrants at two separate locations. One of the warrants authorized investigators to search a Hamilton Street residence, while the other was carried out on East Poland Road. Both residences are in North Beaver Township. The drug raid ended with three arrests and five other people taken into custody.

Police say they confiscated multiple firearms and more than $2,800 in cash during their searches. They also claim to have seized numerous baggies of substances they believe are illegal drugs. The three people who were arrested following the recent drug raids were from another state.

Facing charges after a drug raid

Penalties for conviction of drug charges can be severe in Pennsylvania. When an individual facing charges is detained in another state, extradition may be requested if the arrest occurs in the home state. Three people from Michigan who were arrested in this case are currently being held in a Lawrence County jail.

While a group of people may be taken into police custody regarding the same investigation, each one must be tried separately in court. The results of one person’s proceedings may be different from another. Each person facing charges after a drug raid is entitled to secure criminal defense support before heading to court. An experienced attorney is often able to help an accused individual mitigate his or her circumstances, either by challenging the prosecution’s case or, if a conviction occurs, by convincing the judge to order a lighter sentence than the maximum allowed by state law.