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Facing charges for drug crimes in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2024 | Drug Charges

What if you were to borrow a friend’s vehicle, then are pulled over in a traffic stop in Pennsylvania?  Perhaps police suspect you of drunk driving, so they instruct you to step out of the vehicle. You wind up being taken into custody after police claim to find illegal drugs in the trunk. Charges for drug crimes are filed against you.

It is always best to remain calm and cooperate with police during a traffic stop or subsequent arrest. You may exercise your rights, such as not consenting to a search without a warrant or refusing to take a roadside breath test or field sobriety test. Some cases are more complex than others, such as facing charges for items confiscated from a car you do not own.

Experienced legal support is an asset if you’re accused of drug crimes

Being arrested and charged with drug crimes is a frightening experience, especially if it is the first time you’ve ever been taken into police custody. Pennsylvania law lists mandatory sentencing requirements for drug convictions, which can be quite severe. There may be several defense options available to help mitigate your circumstances.

By requesting a meeting with Leeth & Gaglione, in Pennsylvania, you can access legal support to help navigate the criminal justice system. Whether charges for drug crimes include possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of illegal controlled substance or suspected possession with intent to distribute, etc., the sooner you start planning a strong defense, the better.  An experienced legal team can help you protect your rights and achieve the best outcome possible in court.