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Pennsylvania police chase leads to DUI charges

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2024 | Child Custody

A 20-year-old man is behind bars in Cambria County. A Pennsylvania judge recently set bail at $30,000. To be released on bond, the man had to pay at least 10% of it, which he was unable to do. He is currently facing numerous charges, including DUI, following a traffic stop and an alleged police chase.

Police claim the accused man fled when they attempted to pull him over for driving over the posted speed limit. Investigators say a chase ensued for approximately 30 miles. They also stated that the man’s car nearly plunged into a lake but stopped just in time.

Police made a DUI arrest after finding alcohol in the man’s car

The man is facing DUI charges after police claim to have found several types of alcohol in his vehicle. He is also charged with reckless driving and fleeing police. In addition to these charges, police issued numerous traffic citations against him as well.

There was another person in the man’s car when these events unfolded. She was also arrested. When two or more people are taken into Pennsylvania police custody in connection with the same incident, the charges must be proved against each individual. It is possible for those facing similar charges to have different outcomes in court. The best outcomes typically occur when an individual asks an experienced DUI attorney for support. Even in cases where a conviction is handed down, an experienced defense attorney can often help mitigate circumstances by requesting a lighter sentence than the maximum allowed by state law.